Thursday, May 31, 2012

Make A Difference

One day early in May, I came home from a difficult day. My Dad was in the last days of his life, and we were working through all that is involved when losing a family member.

In my mailbox was an envelope, with a very familiar name on the return address - that of Joanie B., our Youth Leader, when my husband and I were in Jr. High together. Inside, I found a treasure. This picture was taken at a church youth retreat in 1975, with my "now husband" Joe and I, an orange between our foreheads in a relay race.

As we looked at this picture, we remembered together our growing up, falling in "like," "going together" - being best friends, and eventually marrying. This out-of-the-blue slice of the past was like a balm to my soul that day. Joanie's note said she'd been doing some scrapbooking and came across this picture, and she just thought we might like to have it. What a gift - at just the right time.

Joanie probably just thought it might bring us a chuckle (wide leg jeans and all!) But what she didn't know was that it brought a splash of light and joy into day that really needed a little bit of that.

As you come across a picture someday, and you consider sending it to someone, I hope you'll remember this story - and remember that you can make a big difference to someone, simply by sharing a photo.

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