Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Life Comes Full Circle

Jack & Virginia Sorge - February 1977

These are my parents, as they celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary. This year, they celebrated their 60th.

Due to the onset of dementia 5 years ago, my Mom moved into an Adult Family Home, where she has been lovingly cared for. During this time, my Dad remained independent in an Assisted Living apartment, just a few miles from Mom. But in recent months, Dad's health has rapidly declined, and it became very apparent that it was time for him to live somewhere that could provide the increased care he needed, as he enters into the last phase of his life, living with heart and kidney failure.

So toward the end of April, we moved Dad into the same residence with Mom. They have their own rooms but share meals together. Here they hold hands and enjoy each other's company before they retire back to their own rooms to rest. Together again. Full circle.

What are the blessings my siblings and I are finding?
  • The gift of having brothers and sisters who support each other and work together smoothly
  • The gift of caregivers who treat our parents with kindness, love and respect
  • Hospice services that help us understand the transition from "treatment" to "comfort"
  • Seeing our parents get along better than they ever have! :-)
It's with grateful hearts that we look back to those who have cared for our Dad, bringing us to this place. I spent some time at this last weekend's papercrafting retreat to make some little gifts for the Assisted Living Staff, from my Dad's former residence. Take a peek back at this blog in the next day or two to see pictures of this simple gift idea I can teach you to make for someone who has made a difference in your life.

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