Tuesday, January 27, 2015

TERRIFIC TIP TUESDAY 1-27-15 "Fresh Home Decor Any Time!"

How would you like to have a piece of home decor that you could switch out easily for different seasons . . . even month-to-month?

Our Designed Decor Shadow Box is perfect for this!  Its wooden frame has a hinged back that opens for easy loading.  Sawtooth hangers on the back make for easy hanging.  Available in either Colonial White or Black.  A slick little magnetic closure allows for easy opening to refresh your decor, then holds it firmly in place.

Interior dimensions: 12 x 12.  Tray depth: 1/2".  Total depth when frame is closed 1 1/4"

Do you love playing with dimensional items, like paper Cricut-cut flowers?  This is the PERFECT place to do it!  Something that may be too bulky to easily mail via a card, or use in your albums, could work BEAUTIFULLY in this setting.  Opens up all kinds of creativity for you . . .

For just $28.95, this piece can bring a brand new look to your home decor as often as you like!

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