Tuesday, November 25, 2014

TERRIFIC TIP TUESDAY - 11-25-14 "Win an Album!"

Today's tip is more of a terrific "opportunity!"

I'm so wanting all of you to TRY OUT Studio J, our online scrapbooking program.  And, as you know, this month you can get the special low price of just $5 per 12 x 12 double layout.  And there's only a few days left!

So if you place an order (complete it) on Studio J by 11pm PST November 30, I will enter you into a drawing for your choice of one of our beautiful albums FREE - including our 3 BRAND NEW ones!

So be sure to take today's tip and try out Studio J!  You can do all the playing on it that you want, and you only pay when you decide that you do want to place an order. :-)

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