Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Terrific Tip Tuesday - 4-22-14 Inspired Color Combos

 Look around you!  What color combinations feel good to you?  What makes you smile?

I came across a FB page the other day that got me thinking about being inspired by color combinations that surround me.  So today I opened my eyes for what might draw out my creativity, and make me smile.

A map - this is the world map we mark as our son travels the world as a Merchant Marine.  I love the earthy tones..........

Blooming pansies - I love nature's vivid colors here, and the plant was a gift from some dear friends.....

A pottery platter - which was a gift from Close To My Heart at last year's Convention, in recognition of my Director title.....

Each of these things have beautiful color combinations that are very pleasing to my eye - and they each evoke for me a good and positive feeling.  Now - how might I translate these color combinations into my own creativity?

Could I use the soft map colors to create a beautiful scrapbook page that would lay a beautiful background for photos?  Could I use the bright pansy combination of purples, greens and yellows to make a festive birthday card?  Would the pottery colors work together to make a gorgeous gift bag or box, using our Cricut Artiste cartridge?

The end results would be beautiful - AND - I would have the bonus of working with colors that I already know make me feel good.

Visit this FB page for more inspiration, and then open your eyes, look around, and see what might inspire YOU!


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