Saturday, June 15, 2013

What's it Like, Growing up a CTMH Kid?

Having just celebrated my 22nd Anniversary with Close To My Heart, I asked my 26-year-old daughter, Marie, to share what it was like for her, growing up as a CTMH Kid. That was the only prompt I gave her.  Here's what she has to say. (I just love her!  )

"I am CTMH kid. Born and raised. When I was little, I remember Mom going to "dem-un-dusins" (demonstrations) I learned my mom's consultant number right along side our phone number. I was forever wiping glitter off my face. The mid 90s+scrapbooking=GLITTER!! To this day I can't stand it:) I'll bet you anything our craft box at home growing up was cooler than yours. I could tell you what puffy glue and photo corners were when I was 6. My school projects were always the coolest in the class.

I live on my own now, but I have my own scrapbooking bag at my apartment, and I like to scrapbook and make cards more now than when I was little. There are two things that stick out the most to me. One if them is the love and encouragement I still receive from my Mom's downline who have watched me grow up. I'm even friends with some of them on Facebook. I always looked forward to the Friday of the month where they would all come to our house for their meeting. I got hugs every time.

Another reason, the most important reason, I am thankful for being a CTMH kid is watching my Mother grow into the woman she is today. I still remember when she taught her first class at convention, and I remember hearing stories about her first demonstrations and how nervous she was, but she did it anyway. She grew her business and herself at the same time. She has always been a good example to follow, but seeing her work hard for what she loved has made it easier to believe in myself and know anything is possible.


Marie Reynolds

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