Sunday, June 9, 2013

Just Take a Couple Minutes ......

I know you've heard me talk about Studio J, our FREE online scrapbooking software.  But if you haven't really thought about trying it yourself, please take a peek at this short video and just see some of the things you can do ........  Honestly?  When it was introduced, I thought "THIS is something I'll never use ........." :-)

I'll be posting more of these to give you an even better idea of how easy it is to get great-looking layouts quickly.  I'll also post some of my own layouts for you to see. :-)

And remember - it truly is free to try.  You don't pay anything at all until you have some layouts designed that you truly love and decide you want to purchase.  Try it . . . save your work . . come back to it later . . . until you're ready to order.

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