Thursday, January 3, 2013

Dip a Little!

I’d like you to meet my grandniece, Hayden.  She turned two this December.

At a recent birthday celebration for my sister, Hayden’s Grandma, we went out to dinner, where we were entertained by a two-year-old’s fascination with and love for . . . Ranch Dressing.  Her mother warned us, “Don’t let her see the Ranch Dressing until she’s eaten some real food first.  Because once she sees the dressing . . . she won’t eat anything else!”  And she was right.  Once the dressing was spotted, Hayden would agreeably use a French fry, or a carrot stick – but merely as a means to dip.  Once she accidently bit off a little piece of carrot before she realized it . . . but she only made that mistake once.

Ranch Dressing . . . She adores it!  She relishes it!  It's what she loves more than anything!  It's her passion!  And to watch her enjoy it, you' know that nothing else could possibly be more important in that moment.

What's your passion?  What's something you'd like to enjoy, during this open and vast year of 2013?  Think about what makes you smile and go, "Mmmmm....!!!"  

Give it some thought, and then be intentional about it this year.  Make time for it.  Clear space in your schedule.  Allow yourself to smile and go, "Mmmmm...!!!"

What's your Ranch Dressing?

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Kimberly Ganiere said...

Julie, I love this article. I will let you know what my ranch dressing is