Sunday, September 30, 2012

Here in Western Washington, we have had the most beautiful Autumn that I can remember in years.  Our state's dry weather has come at a cost - serious wildfires on the Eastern side of the mountains.  It saddens me to think of the damage the fires have done . . . the property lost, and the air quality so unhealthy.  So I keep those Washingtonians in my prayers, during this hard time.

But knowing that I can't change the flow of events there . . . I will continue to be grateful for the long days of sunshine here, the cool mornings and warm afternoons, and my ever-ripening tomatoes.  I will choose to be thankful for the good that is, despite the hard things that continue to be.

Life is busy, and it always will be.  Choose to be creative, despite your busy-ness!  As you browse through this blog today, you just might see creative ideas that will entice you to host a Gathering of friends for crafting, or join in a class at my Art Room.  Treat yourself . . . choose creativity.

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