Tuesday, October 11, 2016

New & Improved Ink Pads NOW AVAILABLE!

What's better than color?

Our new ink pad styles are now available in ALL of our beautiful Close To My Heart colors.


Why is this NEW style so great?
  • Magnetic Lids!!!!!!!! So easy to open and close - even for those with painful or weakening grip issues (like yours truly)
  • Larger ink stamping surface
  • Removable lid provides a super-easy-to-use water color palette
  • Since the cases are magnetic, they stack easily

What terrific features did we carry over from our older style?
  • Convenient color-identifying label on the end of each case
  • Pads sit upside-down in lid while "at rest" so that your stamping surface stays nice and juicy.
  • Ink pad is raised above the edge of the case for easy inking of large or long stamps

ALL the great features of our previous ink pads PLUS all these EXCELLENT additions.
What's not to love?

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