Friday, February 1, 2013

What's in YOUR Handbag?

The contents of a handbag...revealed.
Then 1945

The typical handbag of a typical
woman in 1945 contained:

One or two lipsticks
A compact(the won't close)
1 fresh handkerchief
2/3 crumpled handkerchiefs
A package of letters
The laundry bill
3 tickets from the cleaner
1 nylon stocking to be repaired
1 address book
1 pack of cigarettes
3 packs of matches
1 leather picture folder
All ration books (including expired ones)
Several cards with address of a furrier,
a wholesale place for children's coats, a beauty parlor, a graphologist, etc.
2 scraps of paper with telephone numbers
and no names
1 hairnet
1 bottle of vitamins
3 samples of slipcovers
1 fountain pen
2 pencils
1 parcel of V-mail letters covering
several months held by a rubber band.

The typical handbag of 
a typical woman today.

ATM Card
Cell Phone
Change Purse
Crumpled Tissues
Hand Cream
Hair Brush
Lip Balm Nail File
Makeup case
Walleand credit cards

One bag is not enough
Our contents spill over into our totebags,
where you will find:
Bottled Water
Paperback Book/Magazine
Shoes to change at work

Isn't this fascinating?  I just love it!
A snapshot of a woman's life, then . . . and now.

If you'd like to gather your girls for some "handbag happiness" crafting at your place, let's pick a date!  I'll provide one bag of your choice from the picture below as a project for all who can join us, at no charge.  Each person will receive a helpful handout, to be used to create more at home.  Then you and your friends can end the time by ordering Close To My Heart products to create your own fun papercrafts, and you can benefit by earning free products, according to the purchases made that day.

These little handbags will accommodate Hershey Nuggets or a tube of Lip Balm.  Chocolates will be provided.  (Lip balm will be up to you.)

If you'd rather attend a class in my Art Room, you are invited:

Thursday, March 7 - 10am (RSVP by Mar. 1)
3 Handbags, start-to-finish
Class is FREE with a $25 product order, or just a $12 class fee.

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